Beautiful, Living & Eco-Friendly Wall Art

Hi! I'm Kelley and I am the artist behind Kelley and Cricket. I am sure you are wondering who Cricket is, am I right? Cricket is my beagle mix dog, who inspired me to start my own business. As a puppy, Cricket almost lost her hind leg from an unfortunate accident. I nursed her back to health, but her on-going special needs required extra attention and care. My love for my pup motivated me to start an eco-inspired lifestyle and food blog, and then I began my moss art business.
I LOVE everything green, earth-friendly, and eco-inspired! Even as a young child I have always enjoyed exploring in the woods. My passion for the outdoors inspired me to bring the outdoors inside. My work is inspired by living walls, vertical gardens, and terrariums. I love making, creative, inventing, and working with my hands. I get so much joy from creating something that brings people a sense of happiness, peace, and relaxation. I aim to create a positive emotional reaction when observing my moss art, and I hope you smile every time you look at your special, unique, one-of-a-kind piece! And one of the best things, is these unique one-of-a-kind pieces are alive and vibrant yet require no maintenance or care!

I also share my passion for healthy eating and cooking - primarily Pegan {Paleo-Vegan Hybrid}, wellness, and thrifty home crafting over at my blog Kelley & Cricket: http://kelleyandcricket.com/

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